Farm Feature: Color by Nature's Studio in Grenville, South Dakota

Connie Wagenaar-Henning
Color by Nature's Studio
(North Eastern South Dakota)
Grenville, South Dakota 57239
Phone: 605-486-0035
Website: www.colorbynaturesstudio.com
Email: colorbynaturesstudio@yahoo.com

Some more information from Connie...
I am Connie Wagenaar-Henning, my business is Color by Nature's Studio and I raise natural colored sheep, from birth to natural colored batts for spinning!

I have approximately 70 ewes of all colors, including white, and lots of different breeds. Some of the breeding is: merino/cormo, rambulee, borderluster, finn, icelandic, blueface, lincoln. I started with 8 mixed breed ewes... and love them all! They all have names! All the wool sold, has the name of the girl that provided that wool! The wool that is dyed, is only dyed with natural dyes, found in nature. Some I collect, some is purchased.

All of the steps involved in this operation is done by my self. From birthing, feeding, vaccinating, washing fiber, dyeing fiber, carding the fiber with my Patrick Green Exotic Fiber Mill, that turns out beautiful batts for spinning or felting. In the spring, I have a support-a-lamb program, where for a set fee, you can receive monthly info on your chosen lamb, that lambs fleece in what ever form you chose, i.e.. as it comes from lamb, washed and ready for you to dye yourself, or dyed,carded and ready for you to spin. Lambs are for sale, for those wishing to start their own flock. Visits to my farm/studio are always welcome. Just be sure to call ahead, as I do go to various Fiber Festivals through out the year.

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