Craft Culture Tours the USA to Document Fiber Artists and Comes to the Midwest!

Craft Culture Tours the USA to Document Fiber Artists

Daniella Cortez is taking a three-week, nine-city tour this summer to
promote, interview and document knitting and spinning’s cultural and
ethnographic significance.

Daniella Cortez, the driving force behind the wickedly smart podcast, Craft Culture, is taking to the road on July 1st, traveling through nine cities in the eastern USA to interview and document the cultural significance handcrafts have played in modern society.

It began with a dream, and the idea that most of academia hadn’t properly examined handcrafts’ impact on the culture at large. She wanted to travel, talk to the knitters on a personal level, and interact with local groups to find the ways they were unique to a specific region, as well as the ways they were the same. In effect, she wants to investigate the common threads that hold us together as a community, even when separated by distance or demographics.

Far from being dry and stuffy, there are planned events at local yarn stores in each of the nine cities, interviews one-on-one, and visits to stitching groups and prayer shawl ministries. Dani will be keeping a detailed log of her travels in blogs, podcasts and videocasts from the road.

The nine cities slated for the tour are:
Las Vegas, NV
Salt Lake City, UT
Denver, CO
Omaha, NE
Chicago, IL
Cleveland, OH
Newark, NJ
Washington, DC
Greensboro/Raleigh, NC

For additional information on the tour, or to schedule an interview with Daniella, contact Amy Brown or visit www.craftculturecollective.com

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    May 29th & 30 at the Wayne County, Ohio Fairgrounds
    See Diane's new blog: http://dlsshetlands.blogspot.com


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